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Enjoy Winter Art With Ease and Convenience

Experience Winter Art Variety

Your taste might change throughout the winter months, switching from festive Christmas artwork in December to classic snowy carriages in February. Variety is crucial for completing your cozy living space.

Deco TV Frames offers a wide variety of art pieces for any winter mood. Here are some examples of what you can choose from:

  • Breathtaking winter landscapes
  • Majestic snowy horse herd and other animal photos
  • Classic winter paintings of towns and countryside
  • Festive Christmas pieces

And more! Find images from around the world that inspire you!

Browse by Collection

Choose from a vast collection of artwork to display on your TV screen. From modern architectural photography to contemporary paintings, you'll have access to top-quality images. You can bring any of these options to your Samsung TV screen today:

Arte - Invierno

Gather your family around digital art that warms you up just as much as the heartwarming glow of the fireplace. Imagine a chilly evening; you have steaming hot cocoa in hand as you surround yourself with scenes of winter joy and snowy wonderlands. Or, let your curated collection of winter art foster a joyous atmosphere during the darkest time of the year.

No matter how you feel about winter, you can explore timeless images that will bring light to the snowy seasons for years to come:

Samsung Frame TV Winter Art FAQ

Yes, some of the winter collections are free. You’ll automatically receive 33 pre-loaded art images for free when you purchase your Samsung Frame TV. Additional art images are available for purchase starting at $9.99. And when you create a Deco TV Frames account, you’ll get instant access to 500 digital art images.

Winter art uploads cost the same as any other art available for purchase, starting at $9.99 per image.

Yes, if you want to display your own images, the process is quick and easy:

Step 1:Make sure the custom image you want is already on your phone.

Step 2: The pixel ratio image needs to be exactly 3840 x 2160 pixels. To resize your art instantly to the correct size, we have a special page on our site that makes it easier than ever: Deco TV Frames Art Resizing Tool

You can also use the Image Size app. To use Image Size, open your photo in the app and set the image pixels to 3840 x 2160. Download and save the image to your phone, which should be automatically added to your photos.

Step 3: Download the Samsung SmartThings app on your phone. This essentially works as a remote control for your Samsung Frame TV. Once you’ve opened the SmartThings app, Select your Samsung Frame TV and then select Art Mode.

Step 4: Select Add Your Photos. Then select the custom photo from your phone’s photo library that you would like added to your Samsung Frame TV.

Step 5: Select Create Mat. “No Mat” should then appear on your phone. Note: If your custom photo is not sized exactly to 3840 x 2160, “No Mat” will not appear on your screen and you will not be able to upload the photo until you resize it to the exact pixel ratio.

Step 6: Select Set. Your custom image should now be displayed on your TV.

Yes, Art Mode comes with your Samsung Frame TV. Use the Samsung SmartThings App to access Art Mode.

To add additional art pieces and photos to your collection, simply follow these four steps:

Step 1: Select Art Mode from the TV.

Step 2:Select Add Your Photos.

Step 3: Choose the photos and digital artwork you would like to add to your Frame TV collection.

Step 4:From your Frame TV collection, choose the one you want displayed on your Frame TV.

Any digital art images you select (including your own photos) can be edited to make the photo appear darker, lighter, warm, or cool.

Yes. We have more than 33 unique frame styles to match any of the art you select, including custom art. Each of the frames is fast and easy to setup and ranges from contemporary, premium, and traditional designs.


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