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A true game-changer, a frame perfectly suited for even the most exquisite decors. Meticulously hand-carved and gilded in 22k Gold, these frames utilize centuries-old picture-framing techniques. The frame collection is modeled upon classic frames from throughout Europe and the Gilded Age, perfect for any connoisseur looking to take their Samsung the Frame TV to the next level.

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Built For Fine Art Collectors

can match the rest of your collection.

If you are featuring classic period art on your Samsung Frame TV, nothing will finish your work of art quite like our DecoGOLD finished corner frames. The frames are available in a variety of classic styles inspired by European traditions, allowing you to turn your frame TV into an in-home museum exhibit. Enhance your beautiful art with a style that matches your room’s decor.

From Eyesore to Elegant

can elevate your Samsung frame television.

TVs are often considered ugly objects, but you can turn this otherwise ugly object into an elegant centerpiece with a gold DECO TV frame. There’s no need to settle for the standard black bezel when looking to match your sophisticated artwork and decor. Aligned perfectly with the top edge of your Samsung Frame TV, guests will hardly believe it’s a TV at all. Instead, their eyes will be drawn to unmatched handcrafted details gilded in 22k gold.

22k Gold Leaf

The use of patent 22k gold leaf is more than a choice; it's our commitment to excellence. Ornate gold is applied to the TV frame with precision using centuries-old techniques, capturing an antique and opulent essence. After all, the DecoGOLD frames are more than a simple accessory, they provide your already sophisticated room with a finished look.

Handcrafted Excellence

From the ornate gold gilding to the fine wooden details, every gold DECO frame is handcrafted to perfectly match your Samsung TV Frame. Each frame is inspired by the same techniques as those of the Gilded Age, embodying the spirit of that era in every custom pre-made detail. This process adds an extra layer of authenticity and uniqueness to every piece, resulting in a frame that creates a harmonious blend between modern technology and timeless craftsmanship.

Effortless Installation

After your TV is mounted, our premium decorative TV frame is designed to minimize installation hassle. Even with no technical knowledge, you can perfectly align your frame onto your Samsung Frame TV within minutes. The frame hooks onto the back and perfectly fits with the top edge of the TV, allowing for a snug and durable fit.


The DecoGOLD frame is the perfect combination of artistry and functionality. If you want to learn more, speak with one of our building specialists today for your ideal museum frame.

Our commitment to perfection is unmatched, as we understand the value of timeless art pieces. Your art collection deserves the best, and our experts can guide you in selecting the best ornate gold frame for your living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deco’s antique gold frames come variety of colors and styles, with options for any upscale budget. From elegant black and gold to ornate gold designs, you can explore 27 unique options.

DecoGOLD Frames are designed to fit perfectly onto your Samsung Frame TV. You can choose from frames as small as 32", to as large as an 85". It’s important to choose your frame size based on the size of your TV.

These luxury frames start at $1,999, with variations based on frame style and size. Such amazing quality is reflected in the price, with the 22k ornate gold being worth every penny.

22k gold is over 90% pure, making it harder and adding increased durability. At DECO, we only offer the best TV frame solutions. We ensure you get amazing quality gold frames that will last.

Yes, you can choose from 33 pre-loaded art images for free when you purchase your Samsung Frame TV. Additional art images are available for purchase starting at $9.99. And when you create a Deco TV Frames account, you’ll get instant access to 500 digital art images.

You can utilize our simple and effective visualization tool to view what the frame will look like in your space. Simply point your camera at the wall and our system will show you a scaled virtual model of the frame on your wall to help you decide which frame style is the perfect fit for your space.

Our stock of samples is extremely limited as we have (at most) one sample per style. As such, the 12" Full Corner Sample is a loaner item that would be returned for credit. We kindly request that you return the sample as soon as possible. The maximum loan duration on this sample is 14 days. If stock is zero we will add your name to a waiting list for the sample to be returned from the prior client.

All DecoGOLD frames are handmade to perfectly fit the size Samsung frame TV, and this level of craftsmanship can take 6-8 weeks plus transit time. After this production period, your frame frame ships directly to your home.

No, Deco TV frames are made exclusively for Samsung Frame TVs.

Due to the personalized nature of our DecoGOLD frames, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges on your selection. In the unlikely event that the frame you receive is damaged, defective, or does not fit, please contact us. You can contact us by emailing info@decotvframes.com and please provide photos of the issue.


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