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Samsung The Frame with Mantle Mount Lift

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When you purchase a Samsung Frame TV for your home, you can also add a Mantle Mount to lower the TV to a normal viewing level. Mantle mounts can be motorized, while others are manual, making them easy to use whenever you need to adjust your TV.

Where To Place Your Mantle Mount for a Samsung Frame TV

For those who want to place their Samsung Frame TV over a fireplace, a mantle mount is a must-have accessory. It’s placed directly over your fireplace and when you’re ready to watch TV, the mount can be lowered to the view point that is most comfortable.

The above installation video is courtesy of the team at RDU TV Mounting in Durham, NC.

Where To Purchase a Samsung The Frame Mantle Mount Lift

You can purchase a mantle mount lift for your Samsung Frame TV on Amazon. There are a variety of versions to choose from in order to accommodate the style you most prefer.

The manufacturer of the mantle mount should provide you with detailed instructions on how to assemble your mount onto the wall. Once the mount is installed, simply click your Samsung Frame TV onto the front and enjoy.

If you are using a manual version (rather than motorized), do not pull directly on the Deco Frame around your TV when lowering it. This could result in the frame coming apart and potentially lead to injury. Never pull on the frame itself.

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Additional Wall Mount Option: Rotating Wall Mount

Hang your Samsung Frame TV horizontally or vertically depending on how you prefer to view it with the rotating wall mount. It’s easy to install and comes with detailed instructions.

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