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4 Tips for Making Your Samsung Frame TV Match Your Space

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Four Tips

One of the best features of the Samsung Frame TV is how well it can blend in with any room in your home. Here are four quick and easy things you can do to make it perfectly match your space:

1. Frame It!

To really help your Samsung Frame TV blend in with your home, you’ll want to add a contemporary, premium, or traditional frame. There are more than 25 affordable frames to choose from that really help your TV look like a piece of art within your home. Once you’ve selected the perfect frame, all that’s left to do is assemble the corners of the frame onto the TV. Each frame is magnetic, making the setup very simple.

2. Use Art Mode.

Art mode means you can add beautiful art to your Samsung Frame TV screen, replacing the appearance of the dull black screen. Choose from landscape images to flowers, abstract works of art, ocean views, and so much more in the Art Store. There are more than 2,000 pieces of art images to display, so there’s an option for every single type of home aesthetic. Your family and friends will definitely think you have a real masterpiece in your home, especially when it’s framed.

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3. Adjust the Colors of Your Art Image.

Did you know you can reduce or enhance the colors of any art image that you select for your TV? Brightening the image will really make it stand out, while reducing the color settings will create warm colors. We recommend enhancing the image if your space is already filled with many bright colors. But if your space has more subtle tones and serves as a relaxing environment, consider dimming the art image. Of course, you can always adjust the colors as needed to fit the mood.

4. Use the Image to Art Converter.

The Image to Art converter feature enables you to turn any image on your phone or computer into a work of art that can be displayed on your Samsung Frame. Simply upload the image on the Samsung Smart Things app and add it to your TV. It’s that easy!

Need More Design Tips?

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