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2022 Samsung The Frame Box

Following the 2021 Samsung Frame TV, the 2022 Samsung The Frame Box packs all brand new stuff in the fray.

What’s in the Box

  • The expected Samsung One Connect Box
  • A slim wall mount
  • A clear fiber One Connect cord
  • A new remote which is now in the color white

One Connect Box

How is a Samsung Frame TV with a One Connect Box different from other TVs and what's the wiring diagram look like?

What is a One Connect Cord?

The Samsung One Connect Cord is a nearly invisible cord similar to a fiber optic cord that brings the audio, video, and power to a Samsung Frame TV. It connects from the back of the TV to the One Connect Box as shown above. This innovative connection type allows the user to streamline and consolidate the often mess of HDMI and audio cords running to the back of many TVs.

The standard One Connect Cord is 5 meters and there is an optional 15 meter One Connect Cord available as well as an In-Wall One Connect Cord.

One Connect Core

What is a One Connect Box?

The One Connect Box is included with Samsung Frame TVs to provide a single connection hub for all cables in one place so the signals can be brought to the TV via a One Connect Cord.

Connect all your favorite input devices such as cable boxes, Apple TV, DVD Players and more via the following ports.

(4) HDMI inputs

(1) Optical Digital Audio Out

(1) Cat 5 Ethernet Port

(1) Coax Input

(3) USB Input

(1) Ex-Link

One Connect Box
One Connect Wiring Diagram

Samsung One Connect Wiring Diagram

Eliminate the mess of cords associated with most typical TVs where many different cords connect directly to the TV. Instead, by using the One Connect Box, all signals can be brought to the TV via a single One Connect cord.

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Samsung Frame One Connect Box Dimensions

Samsung The Frame has two versions of their One Connect Box. The larger of the two is used for the 43" - 75" TV sizes and the smaller is for the 32" TV sizes.

One Connect Box Dimensions

One Connect Box for 43", 50", 55", 65" & 75" TVs

The Samsung One Connect Box measures 13 11/16" x 2 5/8" x 6" when including the antenna jack. 5.5" without accounting for the antenna jack.

The Samsung One Connect Box

One Connect Box for 32"

One Connect Box for 32 inch TV

Samsung The Frame Installation Process

This brief overview shows how the Samsung Frame TV installs in combination with the No-Gap Wall Mount and a Deco TV Frame.

2018 - 2020 Samsung Frame TVs Installation

2021-2022 Samsung Frame TVs Installation

Premium Frame Styles for Samsung The Frame

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Premium Frame Styles for Samsung The Frame
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Same with the 2021 version, this comes with the One Connect Box, which is a really unique TV that offers all connections in a single box: the HDMI, Ethernet port, and USB ports for your thumb drives.

The box also comes with a clear cord, where you can connect the audio, video, and power altogether that makes it easy and handy to store.

The remote now comes in the color white and still has the solar panel, but one thing that makes this 2022 remote is that it now has RF harvesting technology which makes use of WiFi signals to power the remote.

Samsung Authorized Reseller
Deco Gold Frame with Picture inside it

A company that listens

Samsung learned from the feedback from the previous versions as they now include a paper template for the now-included slim wall mount for the TV. It’s now easy to connect your TV with a QR code in Samsung Smart Things using your smartphones. Just a scan away.


The matte display proves itself in the latest version, it feels extremely smooth to the touch while offering zero glare and a nice finish.


Supported by True Dolby Atmosphere, a new four-channel double speaker system gives more of a rich feel-life audio. To give users a better experience, the developers implemented a Q Symphony that works well with the Samsung Song Bar.


We are also really excited to announce that this year at CES, Samsung featured our new Deco Gold Frame Line of 22 karat gold frames in the booth at Samsung.

Now in case you are not familiar with our Deco TV Frames, we offer a variety of about 50 different frames styles now. They magnetically assemble in our Premier Collection or they also have clips in the Alloy Collection. The Deco Gold Collection arrives fully assembled as a finished corner frame with no joints in the corners and is now available in a full range of sizes. From 32 all the way up to an 85 inch, there is a 32 in, 43 in, 50 in, 55 in, 65 in, 75 in and now a massive 85-inch screen size.

Something else we are really excited to see at CES is their new auto-rotating wall mount. It's a motorized wall mount that can be added to any of the Samsung Frame TVs as an optional accessory. As soon as we can get our hands on one of those, be assured we’ll be doing a follow-up video on that.

We are proud to be an authorized Samsung dealer, actually one of the largest Samsung dealers in all the NorthEast. Check out our website where you can get the best price on the TV and we will ship it right to you and get you the frame to go with it so you have a complete package. So to wrap it up, with the 2022 Fame TV Samsung, they hit the ball out of the park this year. It is really like a piece of art, especially when you add one of our frames.

Silver frame with picture inside it

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