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Return Policy

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Samsung Frame Box

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Frame Returns

We ask that returns or exchanges be requested within 30 days of delivery. 

If you’re unsure about which style you’d like, we strongly encourage you order samples first to avoid unnecessary hassles and fees.  

Also, orders may be subject to a 10% restocking fee. Examples of when a restocking fee would apply:  

  • Ordering a frame for a TV other than Samsung The Frame. Deco TV Frames are ONLY compatible with Samsung The FrameTVs.  
  • Ordering multiple frames to decide which frame color is desired and returning the unwanted frame. Not sure which style frame you would like? ... We suggest ordering samples first.
  • Not allowing enough space on the wall per the published overall dimensions of the frame. We suggest reviewing the dimensions listed on the product page and also trying our “Point & Place” augmented reality viewer with your phone to get a sense of size on the wall.
  • Ordering the incorrect version. Please be sure to select the correct size and year of your TV model.
  • Request is made outside of our return window.

In the unlikely event that the frame you receive is damaged, defective, or does not fit, please contact us. You can contact us by emailing info@decotvframes.com and provide photos of the issue.

Returns not packaged in the same manner as the original packaging, will not be eligible for a return.  Please carefully package your items in the same manner as it was originally received. Below is a photo of a typical packaging method.

Why would we charge a restocking? 

Due to the large size of our frames, there are considerable costs we incur for every return. Every frame must be carefully inspected for damages, fully repacked in new packaging and most of the time a new side of the frame needs to be re-created to make the frame in brand new condition.

In most cases, restocking fees can be avoided by simply ordering samples first or by not abusing the return policy by ordering multiple frames to keep just one. Sadly, this practice has become so incredibly common that we've been forced to introduce "restocking fees" to partially offset our losses. 


Sample Returns

Returning samples is not an option that we offer, but we do encourage passing them along to a friend. If you do place a sample order, we will provide $25 credit toward your frame. Simply contact us via chat or at info@decotvframes.com when you're ready to purchase your frame.


Special Orders

For special order items such as TVs and VersaBoxes, we require you to cover a 20% restocking fee and the return shipping cost. Also, the items must be returned well packaged in the original box.


To initiate a return or exchange CLICK HERE