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This is because the frame can cast a shadow on the light sensor on the bottom of the TV making the TV think the room is dark and nobody is present. All you need to do is turn  “Night Mode Off” 

CLICK HERE to see how to disable night mode. 

One of two things has likely occurred. 

A) The Samsung remote may be trying to communicate with the TV via Infrared (line of sight) and since the IR sensor on the bottom of the TV is covered by the frame all you need to do is Re-Pair the remote to the TV so it can communicate via bluetooth (does not require line of site). CLICK HERE to see how. 

B) You are using some sort of universal remote Other than the Samsung Remote that came with the TV. CLICK HERE for more info on this topic. 

Through much user feedback, we have found that the majority of users really don’t utilized the motion sensor on the TV. However, there are a few options for the motion sensor on the Samsung Frame TVs. 

A) MOST COMMON APPROACH: In Art Mode you can disable the “Night Mode” setting if you choose not to use the motion sensor on the TV. The TV itself does not use the motion sensor feature when its in the TV Mode portion of the TV.  CLICK HERE to see how.

B) Add our optional Smart Room Sensor as an external device to add support for this sensor. CLICK HEREto learn more. 

A) If you are using the SRS-2 second generation of our Smart Room Sensor CLICK HERE  The SRS-2 device is compatible with ALL model years of Samsung Frame TV. 

B) If you are using the SRS-1 first generation of our Smart Room Sensor CLICK HERE 

     (ONLY compatible with 2017-2020 TVs using one of our Premiere Collection frames. NOT compatible with    2021-2022 TVs or our Alloy Frames.)

Based on feedback about the original instructions sheet that shipped with Alloy, we have learned that it wasn't quite clear enough how the Top Frame Hooks slide into the top rail.

Here in this help article we have a few photographs of the Turquoise Alloy frame to attempt to more clearly illustrate this and we've also updated the yellow graphic to better represent the shape of the hooks.

A) The most common reason for this is the latches may have been installed either backwards, upside down, or into the wrong side of the frame (ie: the left and right latches have become reversed)  CLICK HEREto closely watch the assembly video of the Alloy frames. 

B) It’s possible one of the sides of the frame has become bent in transit. If you disassemble the frame and lay each piece on a flat counter top, roll the piece on all 4 sides to see if any of the pieces appears to be bent. If so, please contact us to request a replacement of that bent side.

Due to the bold patterns on some of the frame styles (Tuscan Gold, Tuscan Silver, Ornate Gold/Silver) it may seem at first glance as though the frame is defective if you are looking very close at the corners. However, this is not the case, but rather is simply an unavoidable aspect of these styles. CLICK HERE for a more thorough explanation and video explaining why. 

If you would like to exchange your frame for a different style OR for a refund and return label, please reach out to our customer service team for further assistance. 

We are pleased to announce there is no difference in our frames for Samsung Frame TVs between 2021 and 2022. The frames are interchangeable between these two TV model years. For earlier Samsung Frame TVs fro 2017-2020 our frames are constructed differently so please be careful to select the correct TV model year when ordering your Deco Frame.

Not sure which model year TV you have? CLICK HERE to see how to tell the difference and how to lookup your TV model number.