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Order Problems & Returns

We're sorry to hear there's a problem with your order and that you need to initiate an exchange or return. Not to worry, we make the process easy and quick. Just click here.

Sadly, we've had a handful of similar reports. We are working on designing a more durable version of these latches, but our supplier is telling us they will not be ready for a few months. Meanwhile, you can easily order a FREE set of replacement latches here.
Latch Set for 2021 Samsung Frame TVs
Latch Set for 2020 Samsung Frame TV s

Let us guess... do you have the antique gold, warm silver, antique black, antique white frame styles?

We thought so ... simply put they are there by design as part of the manufacturing process to give a more antiqued look to the frame moulding. All of the frames in these styles have these distressed markings.

Our best guess is you probably have one of our more ornate frame styles such as the Tuscan Gold, Tuscan Silver or Ornate Gold. Checkout this article for more information on this topic.

If you have a frame from ourPremiere Collection, these are all carefully crafted as a 4 piece set so all the magnets and patterns are specifically built and tested as a set. Sadly, we can't simply send out one replacement piece and expect it to alight and match the rest of our frame. We would need to exchange your entire frame. Click Here to initiate an exchange.

If you have an Alloy Frame, please click here to submit your request. Be sure to explain in the form that you only need a replacement of one side and which of the four sides it is. Top, left, right, or bottom.

Technical Help

You're most likely experiencing one of these two scenarios:
- If you are using a third party remote other than the remote provided by Samsung, then there's a chance the remote you have is Infrared and not Bluetooth like the Samsung Remote. Click Here for the solution to this scenario.
- Your remote may have accidentally become unpaired from your TV. Follow these instructions to eaisly re-pair your remote to your TV.

For 2017 - 2020 Samsung Frame TVs

We offer an optional add-on Smart Room Sensor (SRS-1) accessory to add support for the motion sensor on the bottom of the TV. Click Here to Order orLearn More

For 2021 Samsung Frame TVs

In the coming months we will be releasing an upgraded SRS-2 version of the Smart Room Sensor. Learn More Here

Here's a help videoon how to wall mount a 2021 Samsung Frame TV.

You can choose from 20 pre-load pieces of art OR you can subscribe to Samsung’s Art Store for access to thousands of piece of additional art for just $5/month. You can also upload your own artwork or family photos as a single image or part of a slideshow of images. Click hereto learn more

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