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Samsung the Frame TV - 101 Guide

What is the Samsung Frame TV?

The Samsung Frame TV is much more than a TV. When not in use, it’s a canvas that reflects your personal style and what you love. With the simple press of a button, you can choose from 20 pieces of pre-loaded free art to populate the screen (you can also add your own custom art).

One of the biggest benefits is that it can be framed with a wide variety of traditional and contemporary frame styles that turn your Samsung Frame TV into a work of art.

It’s the ideal fit for any home decor.

How is the Samsung Frame TV Different From Any TV on the Market?

Aside from the art mode feature on the Samsung Frame TV, it offers additional advanced capabilities that other TVs do not provide:

  • The TV can be framed with either a contemporary or traditional custom frame, helping it to blend in with the style of your home
  • The Samsung Frame TV has a built-in motion sensor that will automatically turn on and off depending on if there is any movement in the room
  • Art images can be edited to make the photo appear darker, lighter, warm, or cool

What is Art Mode?

Art mode on your Samsung Frame TV enables you to choose from art images to feature on the screen when not watching TV. So rather than your TV displaying a black screen when not in use, you can display beautiful art images that reflect your personal taste and match the decor of your home.

What Can I Use For Art?

You have several options for selecting art on your Samsung Frame TV:

  • Choose from 20 pre-loaded art images that come with every Samsung Frame TV
  • Use the paid art feature on the Samsung Frame TV Art Store
  • Upload your own art to the TV

What is the One Connect Box and the clear One Connect Cord?

A key component of the Samsung Frame TV is the One Connect box. This box serves as the central hub that enables you to have one easy place to connect all components of the TV. You can forget about messy wires and clutter - The One Connect box gives you a single connection hub that supplies the power, audio, and video for your new TV.

The clear One Connect cord runs directly from the One Connect Box to your Samsung Frame TV. The standard size for this cord is 5 meters, but there is an optional 15-meter cord available (in addition to an In-Wall One Connect Cord).

Where Do the Cables Go When Installing a Samsung Frame TV?

There’s only one cable (the One Connect cord) with the Samsung Frame TV. This makes installation much easier than other TVs and without the mess of cluttered wires.

How To Choose Which TV Works Best For You

When selecting a new TV, consider one that can complement your home rather than be aesthetically distracting. The Samsung Frame TV is the perfect fit for any home, serving as both a piece of art and entertainment.

There are many styles of frames to choose from, making it easy to personalize and change throughout the different seasons, months, or just whenever you feel like it. You can decide which photos are featured by either purchasing or acquiring them on the side, or through their Art Store which is on the TV itself. Regardless of which you chose, you can make it your own style and decide how it will look in your home. With the Samsung Frame TV, the possibilities are endless.

Samsung Frame TV Installation Instructions

Materials Needed for TV Installation

We recommend the following materials for helping your TV installation go as smoothly as possible:

  • Drill
  • Tape measurer
  • Pencil

Additional Considerations with Mounting

If you live in an apartment or a home that you rent, make sure to speak with your landlord prior to drilling into the wall. You can also check the terms of your lease for clarification.

How Do You Mount the Samsung Frame TV on the Wall?

The Samsung Frame TV can be mounted to the wall in just a few simple steps.

  1. Measure your space and mark your wanted TV height. You will want to make sure the wall you want to mount your TV has a stud in the area.
  2. Find a location nearby your TV for the One Connect box, which is the hub for all component connections. Extend the invisible One Connect cord from the TV to the One Connect box (either on the surface of the wall or by fishing the cord through the wall you can no longer see the wire behind the TV).
  3. Now it’s time to feed your optical cable. This should be done before hanging your TV. To do so, feed your cable through the wall towards your TV (it might take some navigating to feed it through the wall).
  4. Install your wall mount so you can easily place your TV on it. Learn more about selecting wall mounts here.
  5. Hang your TV on the mount. We recommend having help from multiple people to ensure this happens smoothly.
  6. Attach your frame to the TV. Assemble the frame face down on the floor first before attaching it to your Samsung Frame TV.

Deco TV Frame Installation Instructions For Your Samsung Frame TV

Adding a Deco TV frame to your Samsung Frame TV is easy. Follow the below steps:

  1. Lay out the four pieces of the Deco TV frame.
  2. Magnetically assemble the corners of the frame.
  3. Hooke the top edge of the frame onto your Samsung Frame TV.
  4. Latch the frame into place.

For more detailed instructions and videos, check out our YouTube channel.

How To Choose a Unique Frame For Your TV

Our Deco Collection of frames features a patented magnetic quick-assembly that takes less than two minutes to set up. The below frames are compatible with all model years of Samsung Frame TVs.

  • Plata antigua y negro.

    Plata antigua y negro.


  • Gatsby Oro

    Gatsby Oro


  • Gatsby Plata

    Gatsby Plata


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Ornate Gold

    Oro adornado


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Antique Gold

    Oro antiguo


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Champagne



  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Antique Gold and Black

    Oro antiguo y negro.


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Burlwood



  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Black



  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Distressed Barnwood

    Madera de granero angustiada


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Contemporary Gold

    Oro Contemporáneo


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Antique White

    Blanco antiguo


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Tuscan Copper

    Cobre toscano


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Gloss White

    Blanco brillante


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Tuscan Silver

    Plata Toscana


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Contemporary Bronze

    Bronce Contemporáneo


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Contemporary Silver

    Plata Contemporánea


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Brushed Stainless

    Acero inoxidable cepillado


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Tuscan Matte Bla

    Negro mate toscano


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Ornate Silver

    Plata adornada


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Tuscan Pearl

    Perla toscana


  • Deco TV Frames Samsung the Frame TV Tuscan Gloss White

    Blanco Brillo Toscano


Transform Your Space

Select your frame style and art image and then receive custom, made-to-order frames that easily fit your Samsung Frame TV.