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Differences Between

Samsung The Frame TV and LG Gallery TV

When choosing between the two TVs, you’ll want to consider the overall design, smart features, picture quality, and your budget.

Samsung The Frame TV

LG Gallery TV

Maturity of the TVs

Currently in its 7th generation, making it a mature product offering. It was initially released in 2017 as the first ever to create a new category of TV - the Art TV, making it a more innovative TV than any other.

Currently in its 3rd generation and first released in 2021.

Art Mode

The most unique quality that sets Samsung The Frame TV above others is Art Mode. When the TV is not being used, you can display your favorite artwork on the screen, allowing it to seamlessly fit into your home’s decor.

There’s no dedicated Art Mode, so when the TV is not in use the screen is black (similar to other standard TVs). Additionally, the TV must rotate pictures to keep the screen from being damaged due to “burn-in” where an image could become burned into the screen.

Art Store

The Art Store with Samsung The Frame TV gives you more than 2,000 pieces of art images to choose from to display and comes preloaded with Free Art. This includes photographs, digital art, and much more, making it easy to choose art that best displays your style and preference.

No Art Store available.

Overall Design

It’s only 1 inch thick (including the wall mount), making for a slim design that is intended to appear as a framed piece of artwork when not being used. The One Connect Cord, which is used for all connections to the TV, is a discrete clear cord that can be run in the wall or discretely down the face of the wall. The TV also offers customizable frames to match the decor in your home.

The design is minimalist and slim, and the TV hangs flush with the wall. However, there are no options for hiding the side view of the TV, which is where all the ports are located and therefore, where all the cords must be placed (making it difficult for them to be hidden).

Display Technology

Uses QLED (Quantum Dot LED) display technology with a 4K resolution, which is known for providing extremely high-quality colors and brightness.

Uses OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display technology, which is known for vibrant colors and deep blacks. However, a downside of this technology is that the image needs to be changed every 15 seconds to prevent burn-in. Additionally, it doesn’t allow for a picture to be shown when the power is off, and therefore, does not have the capability of displaying artwork like Samsung The Frame TV.

Anti-Glare Display

Has an anti-glare Matte Display, which reduces the glare on the TV screen. It also further enhances the art quality on the screen, making the art on display look like a piece of art on your wall.

The LG Gallery TV provides a glossy, bright screen and does not replicate true art on a wall or blend in with the room's decor.

Picture Quality

Delivers exceptional picture quality with a variety of bezel options to match your home décor. Additionally, Deco TV Frames offers more than 30 Frame Styles for Samsung The Frame TVs to truly turn your TV into a work of art.

Also delivers high-quality picture quality. However, there are no frame options available for LG Gallery TVs.

Smart Features

Provides access to several streaming apps, including Netflix, HBO, Apple TV, Hulu, and others. The Samsung TV Plus network enables you to no longer need cable TV and still receive all your local programming for free. Choose from more than 250 live TV channels and thousands of movies and shows on demand, all at no cost.

Provides access to various standard streaming apps that require subscriptions (including subscriptions for local TV programming and major networks).

Size Options

Available in a wide variety of screen sizes, including both larger and smaller options to fit any room in your home. These sizes include 32, 43, 50, 55, 65, 75, 85.

Also available in several screen sizes that includes 55, 65, 77, 83.

Ambient Light Sensor

Newer models come with an ambient light sensor that can adjust the display’s brightness based on the lighting conditions in the room.

Some models also include an ambient light sensor.


Pricing begins at just under $500 and up to $3,000 depending on size selection.

Check Amazon Prices for Samsung The Frame TV

Tends to be more costly than Samsung The Frame TV, with pricing starting at around $2,000 and up to $6,000.

Check Amazon Prices for LG Gallery TV

LG and Sansung


Both Samsung The Frame TV and the LG Gallery TV provide high picture quality, a sleek design, and the ability to stream various apps. But for those who value aesthetics, want a TV that fits seamlessly into their home by displaying artwork, can be framed, and one that can accommodate most budgets, Samsung The Frame TV might be the better option.

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