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Royal Dog Collection Added to Samsung the Frame TV Art Store

Samsung The Frame TV users have even more art options to choose from in the Samsung The Frame Art Store - this month Samsung added a Royal Dogs collection. This includes 14 new pieces of dogs throughout history that were pets to Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family in the UK.

Royal Dog

How To Add Art From The Royal Dog Collection

To add art from the Royal Dog collection, make sure your Samsung The Frame TV is connected to the internet. Open Art Mode on the TV (press Art on your remote). Select the Royal Dogs image you want to display and follow the on-screen prompts to complete your purchase.

Once you select an image, you can even enhance the colors to match the color and mood of your home.

The Art Store with Samsung The Frame TV gives you more than 2,000 pieces of art images to choose from to display. In addition to the Royal Dog collection, there are paintings, photographs, digital art, and more that best fit your taste and style.

Royal Collection
Contemporary Frame

Frame Your Samsung The Frame TV

Give your TV an extra touch by turning it into a work of art with a frame. Choose from more than 30 traditional and contemporary frame styles that truly make your digital art stand out.

What is Art Mode on Samsung The Frame TV?

Art Mode is what truly sets the Samsung The Frame TV apart from all other TVs on the market. Choose from thousands of pieces of art images to display on your Samsung The Frame TV. You can even upload your own images as art to populate on your TV screen when not in use.

To access Art Mode on your Samsung The Frame TV, press the power button on the remote and view the various curated art collections.

Art Mode
Personal Photo

Deco Art Store & Art Mode

There’s also the Deco TV Frames Art Store that gives you an additional 500 pieces of art images to choose from. Each of our art images has been specifically curated for Samsung The Frame TVs from artists and museums throughout the world. Check out our free art here.

Upload Personal Photos Using a USB

In addition to the Art Store, you can upload personal photos using a USB drive that contains your images. To do so, press Select on your remote while your Samsung The Frame TV is in Art Mode. Then select My Collection, select the connected storage device, and choose the personal images you want to display on your TV.

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Deco Frame

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