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5 Signs It’s Time For a TV Upgrade

5 Sign

1. Picture Quality Is Poor

What’s the point of a TV if the image quality is anything less than spectacular? If you notice blurry images or colors that don’t seem as sharp as they should be, it’s time for a new TV.

2. The Hanging TV Cord Is An Eyesore

The ugly black cords hanging down the wall while watching TV can be unsightly and distracting. Some may even choose to not host family and friends as a result of these eyesores.

3. Your TV Has a Glare

There’s nothing more frustrating than settling onto the sofa after a long work day and being unable to see anything on your TV because of a glare. But did you know technology today makes it possible to get a TV with anti-glare abilities? That means there’s no reason to be suffering from annoying light. If you’re consistently annoyed with TV glare, it’s probably a good idea to upgrade.

TV Image
Black Screen

4. You’re Tired of Seeing the Black Screen

The large, blank, black screen on your TV can really be an eye sore and take away from the entire aesthetic of your home. What if instead of displaying that screen, you displayed a beautiful piece of art instead? By upgrading your TV to one that can display digital art, you’ll easily enhance your space - Talk about transforming a room without breaking the bank.

5. Your TV Lacks Smart Functionality

Does your TV allow you to stream your favorite movies and shows from Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV, Hulu, HBO, and others? If not, consider upgrading to one that gives you all the streaming options you need so that you’re never limited in choices or missing out on trending films.

If you’re ready to cut the cord on cable TV, Meet Samsung TV Plus - you get many of the same features as cable TV all for free and no subscription needed.

Choose a Samsung Frame TV

The Samsung Frame TV is the best TV on the market and unlike any other. Transform your TV into a work of art by featuring beautiful art images when not in use. Choose from 2,000 art images to match the mood and decor of your home at the Samsung Art store and 500 art images from the Deco Art store. You can even view free art here or add your own photos to display. The newest 2023 Samsung Frame model is also anti-glare, making it easier than ever to enjoy your TV at all hours of the day without having your image disrupted by light.

Lastly, you can turn your Samsung Frame TV into a work of art by framing it. There’s more than 20 traditional and contemporary frames available.

Our Frame

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