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Strong Versabox

Have a Samsung One Connect Box or other A/V components like an Apple TV that you want to hide without seeing unsightly wires running down the wall or needing to run those wires through the wall?

The Strong Versabox is your answer!  This is the best solution on the market for concealing all of your components nice and neatly behind your TV. The box will fit comfortably in the wall between two studs. 

Ultra-thin flat panels have met their match in the StrongTM VersaBoxTM Pro. Constructed of durable sheet metal, this state-of-the-art box elegantly fits your equipment behind the TV in both residential and commercial settings. This box’s metal construction and UL listing ensure that it meets building codes across the US. It offers space for tons of devices,– even devices as large as the Samsung 8K One Connect box -, or it can be used for simple power/cable management. Plus, it features a handy knock out for dropping in a Compact WattBoxTM. Completely customizable and incredibly easy to service, this product is a game-changer when it comes to flat panel installations.

Instagram Versabox - Hide a One Connect Box


Best to fit the One Connect box
NOTE: This box will NOT be large enough to fit the One Connect Box on 43" and larger TV sizes.