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Why You Need an Anti-Glare TV

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Do you ever try to watch TV and find that light from nearby windows is affecting your view? This type of glare can be frustrating, especially when all you want is to sit back and relax. The good news is your Samsung Frame TV comes with an anti-glare feature. Here’s why you need it.

See Your Images Clearly

The anti-glare Matte Display on the Samsung Frame TV reduces any and all light reflections. This means you’ll be able to see your images clearly.

24/7 Visibility

Whether you’re watching the morning news or your favorite show at night, you won’t have to worry about adjusting all the blinds and windows beforehand. You’ll get the same clear view regardless of the time of day.

Art Images Easily Viewed

Even when your TV isn’t in use, the anti-glare feature enables your art image on display to be fully appreciated, without any interruption from outside light.

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Feature Art Mode

Additional Features of the Samsung Frame TV

  • Art Mode: Feature beautiful art images on your TV when not in use. Choose from 2,000 art images to match the mood and decor of your home at the Samsung Art store and 500 art images from the Deco Art store. You can even view free art here.

  • Store Your Favorite Memories: With the Samsung Frame TV, you can store a significant number of photos without the hassle of deleting any to make room for storage.

  • Frame Your TV: Turn your Samsung Frame TV into a work of art by framing it. There’s even more than 20 traditional and contemporary frames available.

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