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Exclusively made for, and compatible with “Samsung The Frame” TVs.

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Choose the right first for your space from our line of contemporary, traditional, rustic, transitional Samsung TV Frames. All frames are custom pre-made and ready to assemble & install in under 2 minutes directly onto any size Samsung “The Frame” television. Brought to you by the leaders in television frames.

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Samsung Frame TV Frames FAQs

Frame TVs allow your television set to transform from a normal TV when it's on, to art or a discussion piece when it's not. We have sixteen different styles of TV frames that allow your Samsung TV to transform simply by attaching the magnetic frame right to the TV. Set up is simple and quick as it typically takes two minutes or less with our patented magnetic joinery system.

Currently, this feature only fits with any size Samsung television, from older models to newer models.

Each frame hooks onto the top of your Samsung Frame television and clips into place at the bottom to perfectly align with the edge of the TV screen. You magnetically piece together the frame starting with the sides, then you add installs right to the TV for it to click into place! All frames can be easily installed by any consumer without any previous technical knowledge. Typically, it takes less than two minutes to install the frame to your Samsung TV.

Mounting your Samsung Frame TV can seem like a difficult task, but you can complete it by following these steps:

1. Measure your space and mark your wanted TV height. At this step you will want to make sure that the wall you want to mount your TV in has a stud in the area.

2. Find a location nearby your TV for the One Connect box for all of your component connections. Extend the invisible cable from the TV to the One Connect box either on the surface of the wall or by fishing the cord through the wall you can no longer see the wires behind the TV.

3. Feed your optical cable. Before you hang your TV, feed your cable through the wall towards your TV. This may take some navigating to get it through the wall.

4. Install the no-gap mount so you can easily place your TV on it. Learn More

5. Hang your TV on the mount. We recommend having multiple people on hand to ensure that this happens smoothly.

6. Attach your frame to the TV. Assemble your frame face down on the floor first before you attach it to your Samsung Frame TV

Viola! You have mounted your Samsung Frame TV.

Art mode is a selection on your Samsung TV where you can choose from different art pieces to feature on the screen. This would allow your TV to be a form of art instead of simply a black screen when the TV is not running. You can either choose from uploading your own art to the TV or using the paid art that they feature on their Art Store for a small monthly fee. There are a variety of options to edit the look of how the photo is featured on the TV including making the photo appear more “warm” or “cool”, darker or lighter, or highlight different colors in the photo with filters.

Since there is a motion sensor in the TV already, the TV will automatically turn on and off depending on if there is any movement in the room that the TV is in.

A Samsung Frame TV fits in nearly every home, adding an art piece to your home as well as entertainment. There are many styles of frames to choose from, making it easy to personalize and change throughout the different seasons, months, or just because. You can decide which photos are featured by either purchasing or acquiring them on the side, or through their Art Store which is on the TV itself. Regardless of which you chose, you can make it your own style and decide how it will look in your home. The possibilities are endless!